Do you have my size?

Yes! If we don’t have it in stock, we can order any size you need in adult clothing. In stock, we carry suits and sportcoats in 36-62, in lengths short, regular, long and extra long.

How do I know what size I am?

Come into the store and we will try on several different sizes for you to see the best fit.

What’s the difference between and inseam and an outseam?

Inseams are measured on the inside of the leg from the crotch down, while outseams are measured on the outside of the leg from the waist to the floor.

What color suit should I buy?

If you’re developing your wardrobe, stay with the basics in solid colors like black, grey or navy.

What’s the best buy for a sport coat?

Buy anything navy or black to extend your wardrobe! You can wear either of them from either casual or dressy situations.

How soon do I have to get measurements in for my wedding party?

We’d like to have all measurements one month before a wedding.

Do you make appointments for discussing our wedding plans?

Yes! You can come in anytime during our regular hours, or we will happily arrange to meet you after hours if it works better for your schedule.

Should I rent or buy a tux?

If you can justify wearing a tux 3-4 times per year, buy one. Otherwise, rental is your better choice.

I saw “x” in a magazine, can you duplicate it?

Most likely. Bring in your picture and we’ll see what we can do.

If I’m buying a tux, which is the best style and fabrication?

Classic look single or double button notch lapel in black 100% wool is your best bet.

My ties come up short when I tie them – what gives?

You probably need an extra long tie. We carry them in stock!

How do I tie a bow tie?

Practice, practice, practice – check out you-tube videos – or come in and we’ll show you.

What color socks do I wear with my suit?

First – make sure they’re matching, and then, match the color of the pants, in subtle patterns or tones for a dressier wear like a suit, and more expressive patterns for casual wear.

What gives with handkerchiefs?

Be a gentleman! Carry one for your own use, or to offer to a lady if she is in need!

What color of belt should I wear?

It should match your shoes.

Any Questions Not Here ?

Give us a call or stop in and we can help you!

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